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What Michael Porter Missed...

The Situation

Harvard Business Review, March 2015 – "Since Michael Porter's seminal work in the 1980s, we have had a clear and widely accepted definition of what strategy is – but we know a lot less about translating a strategy into results. Books and articles on



strategy out number those on execution by an order of magnitude. And what little has been written on execution tends to focus on tactics or generalize from a single case. So what do we know about strategy execution?"


A recent survey of more than 400 global CEOs found that executional excellence was



the #1 challenge facing corporate leaders in Asia, Europe and the United States, heading a list of some 80 issues including innovation, geopolitical instability, and top-line growth. Other studies recognize that execution is challenging... as two-thirds to three-quarters of large organizations struggle to implement their strategies.




The Solution

In our experience, most professionals want more structure in the processes to coordinate business development initiatives across units, twice the number who want more structure in the management-objectives system.



Business development communications, as we define the term, is what Nourie Group stands for – helping emerging growth and middle market companies achieve executional excellence by developing a formal yet flexible playbook for managing commitments across silos, cross-marketing divisions and geographic office groups. Since on average, 30% of leaders today cite that

their single-most challenge in executing their company's strategy is a failure to coordinate across units, our clients are happy we met.


Our Gateway to Revenue methodology is one of award-winning, proven success, spanning nearly 15 years of representation across the financial, real estate, professional services, tech and non-profit sectors.